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    There are eighty million baby boomers facing issues of aging while also caring for elderly parents. The audience for this book includes boomers who will soon enough become elders themselves and their parents who may be transitioning and reinventing themselves. I counsel a lot of people who are navigating complicated family dynamics. Often people just don’t know what to do.

    Even our elders are wondering who they are and how they will continue to live a happy and productive life with dignity and good health in our throw-away society. I can see now the rising waters of aging that are flooding the valleys of youth; however, if one is prepared for the flood and there are enough sandbags in place to keep things from getting ruined, the levees will hold back the torrent, and then one should be able to ride out the storm in comfort. I always liked the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared,” and I wrote this book as a model of how to be prepared for the aging process.

    Aging is a mystery for most of us, something that just happens—a complex labyrinth.


This book will help people cope by learning about themselves through other's examples: how they think and feel in light of gettng older. Staying flexible with respect to change, learning to go with the flow; yet remaining conscious of how fast the water is rising.

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